What Does the WPC Do With the Funds it Raises?

All funds raised by or donated to the Westminster Parents’ Club ultimately belong to Westminster School, but the WPC Executive Committee determines, in its discretion, how the funds will be used. While we typically use some WPC funds for our operating costs and to defray the costs of sponsoring annual events, the majority of the WPC’s spending each year is to support the school and its teachers.
Some of the ways WPC funds were used in recent years are as follows:

  • Coffee for teachers in the teachers’ lounge
  • Breakfast for teachers on parent-teacher conference days
  • Holiday gifts to teachers for their classrooms
  • Improvements to the Gryphon Theater, including purchase of a new curtain and repairs to existing curtains, purchase of new wireless microphones for plays, and purchase and installation of lights
  • Sound system for the gymnasium, which the school uses for concerts and other events
  • Directed donations to the school, including the $12,000 matching grant in 2019 to support the purchase of new laptops for teachers.
  • Unrestricted donations to the school in support of the Annual Fund.

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