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Box Tops For Education is a program by General Mills that donates money to schools for items you purchase. Each “Box Top” is worth 10 cents and there are monthly Sweepstakes and Bonus Offers that provide an opportunity to earn many more Box Tops for the school. Only K-8 schools are eligible for this program so please encourage participation among family, friends, and alumni. Consider continuing your support to Westminster School through this program even after graduation!

Each eligible school may earn up to $20,000 per year from digital earning and other purchase activity. (For these purposes, the year begins on March 2nd of each year and ends on March 1st of the following year.) There is no maximum annual limit for earnings from sweepstakes. Box Tops Earnings are sent directly to Westminster School and are used to purchase educational supplies. Visit www.boxtops4education.com today for more information

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