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Postponed due to COVID-19 mitigations.

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Definitely! Hundreds of restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, clothing stores, and other retailers participate in Scrip. Here are just a few examples of some brands you might recognize from your back-to-school shopping. See retailers list for more information.


Visit Shop-with-Scrip site and sign up! Westminster enrollment code is 55E84L7726738
Be sure to sign up for Presto Pay if you want to pay for your purchase online or use the mobile app to get eCards delivered instantly.
If you’re a planner, you can also pay by check – just leave us enough time to clear the check and let Scrip know to issue the card.

You buy physical gift cards, eGift cards, and reloadable gift cards at face value from one of the more than 750 retailers participating in the Scrip program.
The retailer pays the WPC a rebate of between 2% and 16% of the value of the gift card you purchased. It’s free money!
The WPC shares the rebate with you – you get 30% of the rebate, and the WPC keeps 70%.
You use the gift card for your everyday shopping, or give them to friends and loved ones, just like any other gift card.

Did you know you can earn free money for our school whenever you buy something from Amazon, just by starting your purchase at Smile.Amazon.com? Be sure to select Westminster School as the charity you wish to support, and Amazon will donate a percentage of each purchase directly to the school.
This is not a WPC program, but we fully support it, and you should too!

To help the school! This program has so much potential: there is no limit to the amount the WPC can earn in rebates, and the rebate percentages are much more significant than other rewards programs. Without buying a single thing you do not need, you can raise real money for the school.
The WPC shares the rebates earned through Scrip purchases with the purchasing family, on a 70/30 basis – meaning you’ll get back 30% of every rebate you earn. The other 70% qualifies as a tax-deductible donation to the school.

Last year, just 12 families participated. Collectively, they earned a more than $1,200.00 in rebates. The WPC itself also earned over $400 in rebates by using Scrip for pizza and other purchases.

Three of our participating families earned enough in rebates that their 30% share exceeds their WPC Activity Fee – it’s like they earned a refund of the fee, just for buying things they already planned to buy.

Uniform Store (3)

Please leave gently used uniform items in the basket in the Stone House basement. We accept all blouses, shirts, jumpers, skirts, pants, sweaters, blazers, and ties. We do not accept tights, socks or P.E. uniforms at this time.

Contact the front office to schedule an appointment to visit the uniform store. Appointments are during school operating hours only.

The store is in the basement of the Stone House. Just enter through the back door and head down the stairs, then turn left. You’ll see the racks of clothes in the back room.

WPC (1)

All funds raised by or donated to the Westminster Parents’ Club ultimately belong to Westminster School, but the WPC Executive Committee determines, in its discretion, how the funds will be used. While we typically use some WPC funds for our operating costs and to defray the costs of sponsoring annual events, the majority of the WPC’s spending each year is to support the school and its teachers.
Some of the ways WPC funds were used in recent years are as follows:

  • Coffee for teachers in the teachers’ lounge
  • Breakfast for teachers on parent-teacher conference days
  • Holiday gifts to teachers for their classrooms
  • Improvements to the Gryphon Theater, including purchase of a new curtain and repairs to existing curtains, purchase of new wireless microphones for plays, and purchase and installation of lights
  • Sound system for the gymnasium, which the school uses for concerts and other events
  • Directed donations to the school, including the $12,000 matching grant in 2019 to support the purchase of new laptops for teachers.
  • Unrestricted donations to the school in support of the Annual Fund.

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