Our Team

Meet Our Team

The Executive Committee of the Westminster Parents’ Club is responsible for overseeing all of the WPC’s activities, including making decisions about what activities and programs the WPC will offer and when and how to make donations to the school.

The following officers will serve on the WPC Executive Committee for the 2021-22 school year: To review the WPC By-laws click here.

Yvette Hannaway

Parent of a 3rd and 5th grade student.

Herbert Pinder/ Tina Coffron

Vice-President/ 2nd Vice-President

herb.pinder@hey.com / tina.coffrom@gmail.com

Joe Nanda

Assistant Treasurer


Judith Kom

Judith: Parent of a 2nd and 5th student.

Tina Kamalanathan

Corresponding Secretary

Pamela Rodriguez

Information Resource Officer
Parent of a 3rd grade student.

Jessica Bielecki

Griffin Academy Liaison
Parent of a Pre-K and 3rd grade student.

Sheila Sears

Parent Liaison
Parent of 6th grade student.

Renee Hegens

Immediate Past President
Parent of a 5th and 7th grade student.

Barbara Martinez

Recording Secretary
Parent of a 2nd and 6th grade student.

Renee Hegens

Immediate Past President
Parent of a 5th and 7th grade student.

Working committees will be formed for the purpose of accomplishing individual tasks.


Organizes collection fund raising such ShopwithScript: VACANT
Box Tops: Yvette Hannaway
Coca Cola Give: VACANT
Store Loyalty Programs: VACANT
Printer Recycle Program: VACANT

Dimes for Drama

Yvette Hannaway/ Leonardo Guerra
Organizes and manage volunteers per event to help count change for just one hour at the end of each collection based

Used Uniform Store

Chair: Allison Stevens
Additional volunteers are needed to help with minor alterations, pressing, and washing

School Supply Store

Chair: Vacant
Volunteers are needed to cover this one half-hour every morning on a rotating basis. If we have enough volunteers, each could serve once per month or a maximum of twice per month

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