Fun Lunch & WPC Fee – Mid-Year

(Updated for mid-year New Families)

What is the WPC Fee and Fun Lunch?

WPC Fee: This required $60 fee supports our annual school-wide events and projects (separate from the individual Class Activity fee). Visit What We Do page for more information. Please note: The WPC fee is different from the Class Activity fee – The WPC fee is used for annual events for the entire school. If you are joining mid-year, the required fee is $30 and reflected on the auto-generated form.

Fun Lunch: Fun lunch is back! Enroll your child for special lunches (every 3rd Friday of the month) consisting of hot cheese pizza, lemonade or water, apple slices, and a fruit popsicle. *Please note that YayLunch will not be available for the school on Fun Lunch days – See Calendar of Events for Fun Lunch dates.

TGA Parents who have opted for half-day, please contact for a 12:30p pick-up after fun lunch so that the students can participate! Please note that lemonade and milk will not be provided to TGA students on this day – water is preferred by the teachers.

Volunteers: Volunteer here to be a part of Fun Lunch Volunteering for your child’s class! If the slots are full, please feel free to join you child in their classroom at the lunch time posted. You can still attend without volunteering to help!

How do I enroll and pay?

Please submit the WPC Family Contribution fee (auto-filled on the forms) and Fun Lunch Meal Plan. The fees are combined, so that only one payment needs to be processed. This one time payment covers the annual WPC payment and all lunches through the year. Fun Lunch meal payments listed cover all lunches, not each.

Online form and payment – Mid-year form:

Additional Notes: If you have questions/concerns, send us a message here .