What is Fun Lunch?

Fun Lunch: With 98% participation last year – fun lunch is back! While we’ll plan on providing leftover lunches in the breakroom, we can’t guarantee that we’ll have enough and every time. This year, we’re offering Fun Lunch for the faculty and staff too. Enroll and join in 8 special lunches for $40 ($5.00 per lunch), dates below:

9/22, 12/1, 1/12, 2/9, 4/19: Hot pizza, beverage, fruit and/or vegetable side, and a dessert (fruit popsicle or ice cream sandwich options will be provided).

Even more special Fun Lunches on 10/27 Halloween parade, 3/1 – Spirit Day, and 6/4 Sports Day: Chick-Fil-A with beverage and dessert (fruit popsicle or ice cream sandwich options).

Please note the dietary restriction (includes food allergies) comment field so that we can try to accommodate!

How do I enroll and pay?

Online option:

Please submit the online form below by October 10th.

PayPal payment button below allows for other credit card options as well. If the site has glitches, please try another web browser! Otherwise, contact us for support.