5/24 from 6-8p: Spring *All Parents* meeting of the WPC.  Wine & Cheese social followed by key updates from the administration. For childcare, please email The WPC.

6/6: Sports day is coming soon!

  • Fun Lunch – Volunteer here

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Have a question, but don’t know who to ask? Try another parent! Answers on anything from Gala attire to lunch tips, we are here to help and chances are…we asked the same question.


The more involved I am at school the more I get to see my children excel. Take advantage of them always wanting you to be around as they grow up fast. My kindergartener is always happy to see me at Pizza Fun Lunch. That won’t last forever. Ingrain in them that school is so important that you as a parent show up even when you don’t have to. -Eric-Daniela Gross (parent of Tadeo K and Pedro 5th)

Recent Event Spotlight: Movie Night for the younger griffins was a wild success – Pajamas, sleeping bags, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on a Friday Night! Read about this and other annual events here.